Meet Our Team

SigmaPro Molding’s team of experimenters and innovators has defined the cutting edge of precision injection molding since 1999. There’s not another group like this in business anywhere.


for Perfection

By supporting a culture of experimentation and tight customer collaboration, the injection molding engineers at SigmaPro have developed entrenched knowledge in a wide range of industry sectors, including medical, optical, aerospace, automotive, technology and telecommunications.

We know your mission is to be the best. So we’ll give you nothing less than ours.


Vivian Allen

Vivian Allen


Vivian brings a decade of precision injection molding expertise to the industry. She inherited her desire to push traditional boundaries of what customers believe is possible in manufacturing from her father, who founded SigmaPro in 1999. As an honest broker and servant-leader, she possesses a relentless drive to continuously level-up the business and earn customer devotion. Vivian worked in federal contracting, HR and business management roles prior to becoming the literal and figurative boss at SigmaPro. According to her three children, “Mom is a master cooker.” So yeah, she’s a master chef, too.

Cole Melton

Cole Melton

Vice President of Operations

Cole has helped put SigmaPro on the map in 15 years working in various roles. His journey of professional and personal growth began humbly in line operations, showing strong wisdom and an uncanny ability to quickly and expertly navigate customers’ evolving priorities. He has managed the 24/7 production of millions of precision injection molded parts per month coming off 40 presses; today, he manages a talented team in exceeding customers’ quality standards and expectations, always delivering more than is asked. A father of two, Cole is an intrepid golfer with visions of grandeur at Augusta. He is never too busy for a friendly competition.

Chris Allen

Chris Allen

Vice President of Research and Development

A creative genius and perpetual tinkerer, Chris began as a hobby 3D printer and CAD designer who now delivers design and prototype input that surpasses the quality found in production-level additive manufacturing elsewhere in the industry. He’s held almost every role there is in 10 years at SigmaPro, from document control to video production. Call him a jack-of-all-trades who ended up mastering each one. His hobby is hobbies, including building custom electric guitars, woodworking and playing multiple instruments. Like everyone else here in the Lone Star State, Chris believes he smokes the best brisket in Texas.

David Underwood

David Underwood

Chief Engineer

David founded SigmaPro in 1999. He is a licensed professional engineer specializing in part and tooling design for manufacturing injection molded parts. He might be the only person you’ll meet who has figured out how to use equal parts of his left and right brains to bring ingenuity of design to life for customers. He is a father of four and grandfather of 10, a hobbyist winemaker and all-around lover of the outdoors.

Sidnee Silva

Sidnee Silva

Financial Controller

Sidnee has worked with SigmaPro since its founding in 1999. She is everything you want in an overlord of finances and a friend: Kind, genuine, honest and whip-smart. She loves being a wonderful mother of five and grandmother of four. She is an avid gardener who enjoys her pets and boarders, including dogs, chickens and horses.


Values We Live By


Address problems head-on, admit mistakes promptly, pursue good with determination. 


Always be leveling up your efficiency.


When better is on the line, failure is an option worth risking. 


No one’s life ever got better by being a jerk. 


We’re growing, and that means we’re looking for anyone who might love nerding out over perfecting complex, critical plastic components. (If you’re a jerk, don’t bother.)