Injection Molding
3D Printing & Prototyping

Collaborative injection mold design and engineering services from SigmaPro remove early-stage barriers and bring complex plastic parts to life.


The Perfect
Proof of Concept 

Detailed drawings and striking CAD imagery are great, but there’s nothing like holding the real thing—or something close to it—for an idea to truly click.

In response to customer interest, SigmaPro has invested in additive manufacturing equipment and poured time and energy into learning how to apply it to our niche. Now, we can create prototypes and to-scale models so your team and other key stakeholders can see and feel the fruits of their labor.  

By bringing this knowledge and infrastructure in house, we’ve helped customers:

Why SigmaPro for Prototypes?

Simply put, it’s because our customers wanted us to. The complexity of their product designs and performance requirements means drawings and CAD files don’t always cut it. They needed something more.  But anyone with a 3D printer in their basement can do this, can’t they? After all, an entire sub-industry has sprung up to fill in the gap created by manufacturing experts who refuse to create models. We think that’s a mistake. For one thing, they rarely have sufficient technical knowledge in your niche for their work to be meaningful. For another, working with one party for prototyping or model-making and another for manufacturing injects too much risk. Information is lost in translation and timelines are needlessly lengthened. 

Prototypes Benefits

Made By

The same engineers who help define your product’s critical dimensions create your prototypes or models. They’re made by someone who truly understands your design.


With prototyping and manufacturing under the same roof, we make the jump to approved design and production at scale faster.


We developed additive manufacturing expertise because our customers needed it from us. When they ask, we answer.

to Explore

Investing in the emerging field of 3D printing/additive manufacturing is in character for a company culture that values exploration and experimentation.