Precision Injection Molding for Complex Plastic Parts

SigmaPro Molding was born in 1999 by plastics engineers who weren’t afraid to push up against the edge of possible and vowed to work harder and do more to build stronger relationships with customers.

Most Contract Manufacturers Let You Down

Here’s how it plays out: Contract manufacturers claiming expertise as “micro molders” drop the ball on your critical parts because they can’t hold micron-tight tolerances. Or, the massive contract manufacturing players won’t even give you the time of day because you can’t meet onerous minimum order requirements.


We Geek Out Over Critical Plastic Parts

The nerds at SigmaPro have obsessed over perfecting the design and manufacturing processes for critical injection-molded components since 1999. You’ll find our fingerprints across the medical, optical, aerospace, automotive, technology and telecommunications industries.

What To Expect

When you work with SigmaPro, you get:

Critical components that meet your strict dimensional, material and performance requirements.

Smarter inventory management and faster turnaround for lead times as low as four weeks.

A collaborative design/development partnership with our engineers.

Working With

Your product is too complex to be brought to market under an endless loop of impersonal quote and purchase orders. This is a whole-lifecycle partnership from design to prototype to validation to manufacturing at scale.


Share your initial design and any dimensional or material requirements with our expert engineers.

Design Development & DFM Study

Our job is to verify that what you designed on paper can be manufactured reliably to your specified tolerances.


We can create prototypes of your parts as well as 3D-print models to give you a clearer view of how parts will look and aid in the testing and validation process

Manufacture At Scale

Rapid manufacturing of your components at any volume—no order minimums. Ever.

Our Services



We’re one of the only true “micro molding” contract manufacturers in business in the U.S., capable of holding tolerances as tight as 5 microns.


Design &

Collaborate with our engineers to perfect the design of your complex injection molded component.


Prototyping &
3D Printing

Bring new designs to life for a deeper understanding of how your product will perform.