Injection Molding Markets

No other ISO-compliant precision injection molding contract manufacturer has the depth AND breadth of SigmaPro. We offer very high precision micro molding in the medical, technology, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace and other sectors.


Medical Device
Injection Molding

SigmaPro manufactures very highly complex, FDA-approved injection molding for devices and sub-assemblies featuring intense dimensional requirements, tight tolerances down to 5 microns and strict material, color, structural and other criteria. We excel under strict documentation and process validation conditions, too. FDA registration #3011824610.


Injection molded plastic components within technological applications are often very small and intricately shaped. No commodity-scale contract manufacturer can guarantee the required dimensional stability or consistency in part quality for such small, complex parts over millions of units.

Telecommunication plastic injection mold parts


As with injection molded parts destined for tech, those in telecommunications applications also are often small and feature complex geometries. Engaging a commodity-scale contract manufacturer, even if you meet their order minimum, is a mistake you’ll pay for in poor quality and onerous lead times.

Water and

SigmaPro’s origins are in the water and wastewater treatment industry, specializing in manufacturing seals, tubing and other plastic components that resist corrosion and prevent contamination. As the complexity of these essential operations grows, so will the need for niche expertise in designing and manufacturing critical parts.


and Aerospace

The increasing complexity of automotive and aircraft components means suppliers can no longer be confident of the quality of offshore commodity-scale contract manufacturers. SigmaPro meets your strict quality and documentation requirements while moving at a speed the offshore giants can’t touch.