Injection Mold
Design & Engineering

Collaborative injection mold design and engineering services from SigmaPro remove early-stage barriers and bring complex plastic parts to life.


Truly Hand
in Hand

You design critical components for the function they are meant to perform. We design them for the manner in which they are made. These do not always align. 

That’s why customers depend on our experts for injection mold design and engineering assistance that bridges the gap between an idea on paper and units coming out of the mold. If you have exacting dimensional or performance requirements, we’ll help you choose the right combination of material and tooling to ensure it can be made well and quickly.

With design for manufacturing (DFM) studies, our team can even help define your product’s critical dimensions so that there’s no doubt your product can be made and will perform as desired. 

Trust SigmaPro to See What You Can’t See

If you’re developing critical parts in applications requiring exceptionally tight tolerances, you’ll want injection mold design and development assistance on your side. It’s not about second-guessing your vision. Instead, it’s about uncovering hidden problems and making the adjustments to resolve them before production kicks into gear.  There’s no greater waste or risk to your reputation than hurrying into production only to learn—too late—that your product isn’t good enough to sell.

Injection Mold Design
and Development Features 


We’re happy to sign non-disclosure agreements in advance so that you can freely share drawings, CAD files and critical dimensions. If your product will require post-mold inspection or other testing, let us know at this stage.


Our engineers’ bread and butter is matching your product’s dimensional requirements, tolerances and material requirements to the right tooling and production process parameters. If it can’t be done reliably at production volume, we’ll help you iterate until it can.

Process Validation
& Documentation

Owing to the complexity of our customers’ parts, we’re often also heavily involved in defining and validating manufacturing processes. This work is always exhaustively documented.


We provide clear, simple and accurate estimates of project cost which include a non-recurring engineering fee, a custom tooling fee if applicable, and finally the per unit manufacturing cost.