Bring small, complex plastic products to market fast with precision injection molding from SigmaPro Molding. We specialize in critical components that must hold tight tolerances down to 5 microns.

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No injection molding contract manufacturer in business boasts our mix of technical expertise, collaborative partnership, delivery speed or quality. That’s not to mention our niche ability to mold some of the most dimensionally complex products with tolerances as tight as 5 microns. 

We got that way by creating and sustaining a culture of fearless experimentation. We stay that way because our leaders feel the best way to grow is to be open to constructive challenges from anyone on the team. 

It sets us apart. It will help you stand out.

Values We Live By


We are people who know and feel fear.  Fear of failure, fear of discomfort, fear of rejection.  But what makes us different is not that we are afraid, but how we react to our fear.  Instead of hiding failures, avoiding all risk, or giving in to complacency, we courageously choose the path forward that is ethically sound and best serves our client, no matter what.


We do not allow distractions, laziness, or inefficiency to slow us down.  We get a rush out of pushing ourselves past our typical limitations for our clients.  We are committed to rest routinely, both physically and emotionally, so that we are always prepared to give our absolute best and go our absolute fastest.


We listen for new ideas, spend time outside and in nature, and look for opportunities to bring in new voices of collaboration when we are looking for solutions and optimizing processes.  We do not expect things to stay the same but believe in constant improvement in all that we do.  We stay connected to our community, to young people interested in trade, and to industry leaders who are committed to innovation.  We seek out and adopt the latest proven technology that can make our clients projects better, faster, and cooler.  We don’t stay the same just to avoid possible failure but commit to give ourselves and our clients opportunities to try out even the craziest ideas in pursuit of what they want to accomplish.


We are the kind of people who would make a Kindergarten teacher proud.  We use kind language when talking to or about others.  We treat others honorably and respectfully, not because of our shared worldview, but because they are human beings, and we believe that all people are worthy of love and respect.  We have humility and empathy when we interact with people in our work, our community, and our families, because we know that these benefit the giver and the receiver and elevate our enjoyment of the diversity and creativity in humanity.

Care in

You’ve worked too hard to develop innovative plastic components to leave the production with someone who just doesn’t get it—or worse, doesn’t care. Engineers at SigmaPro geek out over perfecting complex parts almost as much as you do.
In other words, we strive to be the antidote to poor quality and rigid requirements that hold you back from launching the products that fuel your growth.

Our Services



We’re one of the only true “micro molding” contract manufacturers in business in the U.S., capable of holding tolerances as tight as 5 microns.



Collaborate with our engineers to perfect the design of your complex injection molded component.


Prototyping &
3D Printing

Bring new designs to life for a deeper understanding of how your product will perform. 


And We Love
Every Minute of It

Come by the shop and you’ll see why. It’s like lab coats and blue jeans. Do they clash? Who cares. We spend our business hours having fun in pursuit of technical perfection. If you’re into that, you’ll want to meet the team at SigmaPro.