SigmaPro is one of the only true micro injection molding contract manufacturers for complex plastic components, including FDA-approved injection molded devices. 

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Anyone developing small plastic parts or components that feature very strict dimensional requirements with tight tolerances knows that only a niche contract manufacturer is up to the tall task of production at scale. 

SigmaPro Molding is a sweet-spot contract manufacturer specializing in micro injection molding for parts in the medical, technological, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace industries. Importantly, we impose no order minimums.

Additional capabilities include design and development, prototyping, post-mold services (including pad printing, laser engraving and assembly) and thorough process documentation and validation.

SigmaPro is ISO 9001-compliant and is FDA registration #3011824610.


Most “Micro Molders” Are Lying To You

Too many contract manufacturers label themselves “micro molders” simply because they can make small stuff. It’s careless marketing, and their customers pay dearly for it. Here’s the truth: “Micro molding” refers to manufacturing parts with tolerances so tight they’re measured in microns, and being able to hold those tolerances at high production volumes.

Why SigmaPro
is Different


Our engineers have developed niche micro injection molding expertise to help your product development team solve tricky design, material and manufacturing challenges. You’ll find that we say “no” a lot less often than the others.


To be sure the product you’ve developed can be manufactured to spec reliably, our team partners with custom toolmakers for tooling perfectly suited to your part and process.


For many customers, parts coming out of the mold is not the end of the story. Post-molding services include quality inspection, performance testing, pad stamping, laser engraving and some assembly.


Instead of shedding all risk and making customers wait until the last minute to get their parts, SigmaPro assumes raw material inventory risk to accelerate your production timeline.