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Jobs at SigmaPro 

Creative. Smart. Bold. Fearless. Silly. Geeky. Humble. Passionate about complex little pieces of plastic that improve people’s lives. Does that describe you? Then browse the open injection molding jobs below.

Why Work With Us?

Because our customers are visionaries. Because our employees are the best in the business, performing at the top of their game. Because no other precision injection molding company is capable of doing what we do. And, because we’re just neat people.

Your Ideas Matter

What doesn’t matter is your job title or seniority. We run with great ideas no matter where they come from

A Culture of Experimentation

Innovating is impossible without investing in trial and error. Others fear it. We embrace it.

Open Doors, Open Ears 

Our leadership team is committed to making sure all employees are supported, empowered and listened to. We don’t tolerate toxic.

No Jerks Allowed

We’re ultra-protective of the competent, caring team we’ve worked so hard to build.

at SigmaPro

There are currently no posted, available positions.


Short description about the job positions or benefits


Short description about the job positions or benefits