How Much Does a Plastic Mold Cost?

How much does a plastic mold cost?

Plastic injection molding is such a dynamic and powerful manufacturing technology that the question isn’t how much does a plastic mold cost—it’s how much does a plastic mold cost that achieves your unique goals?

How to Determine the Right Cavitation for My Mold


When beginning the process of making a mold for your manufacturing project, you may be wondering if high cavitation injection molding is a better option than a low- or single-cavity mold as if there’s a one-size-fits-all answer—but of course there isn’t. The right mold cavitation for your project depends on the particulars of what you’re manufacturing and the needs of your business: how much volume you need, what lead time you can accept, the tolerance you’re looking for.

Precision Plastic Molding for Innovative Telecommunications Manufacturing

Precision Plastic Molding for Innovative Telecommunications Manufacturing

New technological innovations promise rapid expansion to a global telecommunications industry already valued at more than $1.6 billion, with some industry analysts projecting growth of more than 60% over the next decade. The key to that expected growth? Greater consumer and business dependence on communications coupled with new technology that allows each optic fiber to […]

The Application of Plastics in Medical Devices and Equipment


The different applications of plastics in medical devices and equipment have become so diverse and widespread that quality plastics—and therefore quality plastic manufacturing—are now essential to the delivery of life-saving healthcare.